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What our users say

Sidebrief transformed our expansion from Nigeria to Ghana. They handled all the complex regulatory requirements, saving us months of work. Their expertise in cross-border operations is unmatched.

Oluwaseun Adebayo

As a South African startup expanding to Kenya, we were overwhelmed by the different compliance needs. Sidebrief's platform made it incredibly simple, guiding us through every step. They're a game-changer for African businesses.

Thabo Nkosi

Sidebrief's service was crucial in our expansion from the UK to multiple African countries. Their deep understanding of local regulations in each market helped us avoid potential pitfalls. Highly recommend for any business entering Africa.

Emma Sinclair

We used Sidebrief to register our business in Nigeria and then again when we expanded to Egypt. Their consistency across markets and attention to detail is impressive. They've become our go-to partner for all things compliance.

Chidi Okonkwo

As a Chinese investor looking to enter the African market, Sidebrief was invaluable. They simplified the complex process of setting up in Tanzania and provided insights that helped shape our expansion strategy.

Li Wei

Sidebrief helped us scale from a small Kenyan startup to operating in five African countries in just 18 months. Their platform is intuitive, and their team's support is outstanding. They truly understand the challenges of scaling across Africa.

Amina Kimani

We were amazed by how quickly Sidebrief handled our company registration in Rwanda. What would have taken months took just days. Their efficiency allowed us to start operations much sooner than anticipated.

Jean-Pierre Habimana

Expanding from Senegal to Côte d'Ivoire seemed daunting until we found Sidebrief. Their expertise in Francophone Africa's regulatory landscape was crucial. They made cross-border expansion feel effortless.

Fatou Diop

As an American company entering Africa, we were concerned about navigating the diverse regulatory environments. Sidebrief's local expertise gave us the confidence to expand rapidly across the continent.

Michael Thompson

Sidebrief's platform was instrumental in our pan-African expansion. From Egypt to South Africa, they ensured we were compliant in every market. Their service is indispensable for any business serious about scaling across Africa.

Nasser Abdel-Fattah

We're here to help!

Quick answers about business registration with Sidebrief.

Explore our Launch services in detail

What business registration services does Sidebrief offer?

We provide end-to-end company registration services across multiple African countries. This includes name reservation, document preparation, and submission to relevant authorities.

In which countries can I register my business with Sidebrief?

We facilitate business registration in multiple African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. Our coverage is continuously expanding.
See our full list of supported countries.

How long does business registration take with Sidebrief?

Registration time varies by country, but we significantly speed up the process. Many registrations are completed within 3-7 business days.
Check specific timelines for each country.

What are the costs for registering a business with Sidebrief?

Our pricing is transparent and varies based on the country of registration. We offer competitive rates that include all government fees and our service charges.
View detailed pricing for each country.

Can Sidebrief help with registering businesses in multiple African countries?

Yes! Our platform allows you to manage registrations across various African nations from a single dashboard.

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