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Launch in any market.

Go to market in half the time with our all-in-one formation platform - cut long hours spent on paperwork.

Launch helps anyone set up company or non-profit in any market from anywhere in the world.

Founders, entrepreneurs, hackers, outliers and aliens (someday, hopefully). Anyone can use Launch, from anywhere in the world.

Launch is a bundled service that covers company registration, tax registration, local address, registered agent, nominee services and bank account setup.

Launch is available in about 40 countries, see full list here.

Flat fee per market for every market, no hidden fees.

Launch is the most reliable, safe, and efficient way to set-up in any market.

Launch is faster and cheaper than alternatives, helping businesses save up to 25% in costs and 40% in go-to-market time.

Simplify tax and compliance.

Access tools to automate taxes and manage business compliance across markets. Simple, as it should be.


Automate tax compliance and management across markets.

Taxby ➤


Single source of truth to track and manage business licenses.

Comply ➤

Execute anywhere, compliance on us.


Employer-of-record and payroll compliance to hire anywhere.

Hire ➤


Visa and travel permit management for teams.

Roam ➤


Do business, hire and receive payments without setting-up.

Shelf ➤


Get corporate and diligence checks on businesses.

Diligence ➤


Tools to protect and manage Intellectual Property assets.

Shield ➤

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