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Protect your IP in any market

Simple intangible assets registration for every market with no paperwork.

Shield helps anyone register Intellectual Property in any market from anywhere in the world.

Founders, entrepreneurs, hackers, outliers and aliens (someday, hopefully). Anyone can use Shield, from anywhere in the world.

Shield is a bundled service that covers registration and management of Intellectual Property assets.

Shield is available in about 40 countries, see full list here.

Flat fee per asset for every market, no hidden fees.

Shield is the most reliable, safe, and efficient way to register and manage IP in any market.

Shield is faster and cheaper than alternatives, helping businesses save up to 30% in costs and resources for IP protection.

Avoid tedious paperwork

Protect IP assets in any market by completing a simple form. Get started in 5 minutes.

Transparent pricing

Avoid multiple fees and unknown costs. Pay a single fee per asset, with no hidden charges.

Faster timelines

Register IP in one or many markets faster, with timelines fasrer than alternatives.

Simple IP management

Register in one or many markets

We protect your IP in one or many markets, with a simgle form.

Plan your scale better

Access timelines. requirements and costs to register your IP, so you can can plan better.

More than registration

Get more than IP registration, with a suite of solution to help you manage assets

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Shield APIs

Integrate Shield APIs with products to power IP registration across markets.

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Use Shield to power your IP services, for service professionals.

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Join our Partnership network to provide products or services to Shield users.

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Every tool to
manage IP


Access data to check requirements, timelines and fees in minutes.


Use assessments to determine your eligibility status for protection.


Start and complete IP registration applications across markets.


Access resources and documents for IP transactions.


Single source of truth to track and manage your global IP assets.


Support available 24/7 in multiple languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shield charges a flat fee per registration. The applicable fee is determined by the country and the type of IP being registered.

Founders, entrepreneurs, hackers, outliers and aliens (someday, hopefully). Anyone can use Shield, from anywhere in the world.

Shield supports all types of Intellectual Property available in each market, including patents, copyright, industrial designs, trademarks and geographical indications.

No. You can pay for Shield in your local currency or USD.

Yes, Shield supports bespoke requirements. Speak to the Sales team about your requirements.

We are rapidly adding more countries to Shield. If you would like to use in a country we don't currently support, please reach out.

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Everything you need to protect Intellectual Property assets.

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