Get travel and work permits for teams

Get, renew and manage visas and permits compliantly across markets with Roam.

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Get your team in any market

Apply and process visas to any market in minutes. All-in-one travel permit solution for teams.

Roam is a visa and work permit management solution for teams.

Roam is available to businesses of all sizes, from anywhere in the world.

Roam is covers the end-to-end visa, travel permit and work permit application process.

Roam is available in all countries listered here.

Flat fee per employee, no hidden fees.

Roam simplifies travel and work permit application for distributed teams. With no local presence required, businesses can get, renew and manage visas and permits across all markets.

Get your team anywhere

Tools and data to timely obtain travel permits for your team to any market.

Stay and work compliant

Get work permit and stay compliant with local employment laws wherever your team is.

Manage permits easily

Track and manage your team's global permit requirements easily from anywhere.

Simple visa management

Keep your team compliant

We ensure your global team is compliant with all local employment permits and rules wherever they are.

Avoid needless paperwork

We deal with the filings, forms and documents for permits so you never do paperwork.

Simplify permit management

Simplfy the process to obtain and renew permits for your employees with our easy to use interface.

Travel Visas

Plan, schedule and apply for travel visas in minutes with no entity with payment in your preferred currency.

Travel Visas ➤
Work Visas

For founders, teams and contractors to assess and apply for work visas across markets.

Work Visas ➤
Talent Visas

Use our tools to self assess then apply for special talent and entrepreneur visas.

Residency Permits ➤

Every tool to
manage visas


Access visa data to check eligibility, timelines and fees in minutes.


Use assessments to determine your qualification status for permits.


Start and complete permit applications for your team across markets.


Plan and schedule trips for teams, to file applications in time.


Automate travel and work permit management for renewals, appeals and cancellations.


Employee support available 24/7 in multiple languages.

Get around on Roam

Everything you need to manage travel and work permits globally.

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