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Recruit, pay and manage talent compliantly across markets with Hire - fast, simple EOR solution.

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Hire compliantly in any market

Hire and onboard talent in minutes in any market. All-in-one solution for distributed teams.

Hire is an employer-of-record solution that businesses hire and manage talents compliantly across markets.

Hire is available to businesses of all sizes, from anywhere in the world.

Hire is a bundled service that covers employee offer, onboarding, employment contracts, pay management, benefit administration and employment compliance.

Hire is available in all countries listered here.

Flat fee per employee, no hidden fees.

Hire simplifies hiring for distributed teams. With no local presence required, businesses can hire and manage talent compliantly across all markets.

Onboard faster

Create offer letter and contract compliant with local laws, share, and onboard talents in minutes.

Stay compliant

Stay compliant with local employment laws and tax rules wherever your team and contractors are.

Pay easily

Pay your team and contractors easily anywhere, in your preferred currency.

Simple compliance for every team

Keep your team compliant

We ensure your team is compliant with all local employment rules and laws wherever they are.

Avoid needless paperwork

We deal with taxes, returns, pensions, and subscriptions so you can avoid recurrent employee paperwork.

Simplify payments management

Use Hire to manage payroll and contractor payments in any currency across markets, simple and easy to use.

Hire Employees

Hire, manage and pay employees in minutes with no entity. We handle the compliance, simple.

Hire Employees ➤
Hire Contractors

Hire, manage and pay freelancers or contractors. Use locally compliant contracts and leave the compliance to us.

Hire Contractors ➤
Team Compliance

Bring your team and entities, we manage your payroll and compliance across markets. Available for all team sizes.

Team Compliance ➤

Every tool to
manage teams


Create and share contracts that are compliant with local employment laws in minutes.


Create and manage payroll, with payment support for teams in multiple currencies.


Support local benefits, insurance and subscriptions for your team.


Compliant severance and termination process in accordance with local rules and policies.


Automated compliance with local rules, including taxes, deductions, filings, and more.


Employee support available 24/7 in multiple languages.

Build your team on Hire

Everything you need to hire, manage and pay talents globally.

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